Discussion Questions

Fiction Discussion Questions

1. Which character could you relate to the most OR which character did you like the most, and why?

2. Which character did you like the least or consider the villain and why?

3. What was your favorite setting/location in the book and why?

4. Did you like the story line?

5. What would you change about the book?

6. Would you read another book by this author?


Non-Fiction Discussion Questions: Specifically for Memoirs & Biographies

1. Was there something especially surprising about this person's story? What was it and why?

2. A memoir is a special kind of autobiography, usually involving a public portion of the author’s life as it relates to a person, historic event, or thing. What category does this book fall into?

3. Was there a lesson that could be learned from this person's life? What was it and why was it important?

4. Did you have any preconceived opinions (good or bad) of this person before reading their story? If so, did it change for the better or worse? Please explain.

5. Overall, did you like the book and its author?


Read the FAQs about book club.  



+ How often does book club meet?

The book club meets on the third Thursday* of each month at 7:00 P.M. at a bar/restaurant chosen by the member who picked the book for the month.

+ What if I can't make it to a book club meeting?

When you know you that you have a scheduling conflict and can't make it to the meeting, please contact the person who keeps track of everything (aka Molly) so that reservations can be adjusted if needed.

+ How are the books chosen?

One to two times per year, we select the books that will be read.

Here's how it works.

  1. Each member chooses TWO - THREE possible book selections they feel the group would enjoy.
  2. Each selection is printed on it's own sheet of paper and should include
  • book's title
  • author
  • number of pages
  • brief synopsis of the story
  1. Staple your printed selections together and write your name at the top of the front page.

  2. Selections are passed around at the book club meeting where members will "vote" for the book they are most interested in reading.

This will give you an indication as to which of your selections would be most "popular" to assist you when making your final selection.

You can also say, "screw it!" and just skip to submitting your final selection without getting feedback from the group and forgo this whole interactive process.

Because the book you ultimately select is completely up to you, and the voting is just to get an idea of what the group as a whole may enjoy.

+ Can I pick any books to present to the group?

No. Yes. Well, sorta. We'd suggest staying away from anything TOO polarizing or offensive, but no genre is off limits.

Please keep your book choices to under or around 400 pages so people with a busy schedule have an opportunity to finish the book.

Also, take into consideration the budget of other members. If the book is available to borrow at a local library or is published in paperback, the cost is less and others may like you more.

Most members have an e-reader, such as a Kindle or Nook, so it is helpful to do your homework on your proposed selections before presenting them to the group.

Be sure to check out our past reads page to make sure that you don't pick titles that we've read before.

+ When will my book be selected?

Who knows! Each month we select from the list of books compiled at the book pick night so the order in which we read them is random.

+ So, my book is being reviewed at the next meeting. What do we talk about?

It is helpful to come with a prepared list of questions to spark discussion. This way, we stay on topic, or try to, and actually DISCUSS the book between having cocktails and chatting.

Please see our page on Common Discussion Questions for conversation starters when discussing your book but please feel free to come up with your own!

+ How can we communicate with other book club members?

Feel free to follow us or drop us a line on our Facebook page and on Twitter @ReadingWines.

+ So, how do I join this awesome book club?

This truly is a "it's who you know and not what you know" type of club! We request that you contact us through our contact page letting us know who you are and why you're interested in joining.


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